Are you ready for a love story? {Sonoita, AZ Engagement Photographer}

Caitlin & Jaron met at church and had known of each other for a year while attending the same lifegroup.  Of course the attraction was there, but that comes with nerves, so it was over a retreat weekend that Caitlin worked up the courage to talk to Jaron (in her words, “cause I thought he was so cute and he was so quiet so I had to go over to him!”).  The attraction was instant for both and they started an old fashioned romance (with a few modern twists) as soon as they returned from their retreat.  Instead of writing letters or passing notes, they got to know each other over Facebook chat messages.  While getting to know each other’s interests, they found ways to spend time together for informal occasions.  Finally, they went dancing (and discovered that dancing was something that needed some practice) and with a few helps from their friends, their formal dating began.


Jaron is a gentleman through and through and was not going to take this lovely lady for granted.  He did it right and formally asked her for a date in person, then showed up with flowers!  Their first date was at Olive Garden (Jaron’s favorite) with a drive to the lake after dinner.

I’d love to say “the rest is history” but there is one hugely important part to this story you should know.  These two were separately praying for the same thing—for God to bring them a spouse.  From the very beginning God has been the priority and together they are striving for a marriage that God intends.  I’m so excited to congratulation them on their engagement and I know that God will bless them abundantly.   In Caitlin’s words, “We’ve been extremely blessed by our community and the way they encourage us to stay pure and grow closer to The Lord. Everyday I have with Jaron is a gift and I feel beyond blessed that I am able to spend the rest of my life with him.”



I was so blessed to meet Jaron & steal them away when they were here for a visit.  I love all of the images I captured of them and had such a hard time narrowing it down to a few favorites.


Please take a moment to leave them some love and congratulations!


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