Arthur turns the big O-N-E! {Sierra Vista cake smash photographer}

I absolutely love what I do!  I love people and I love photography and I love getting to mix them together and call it my job!  It’s hard for me to choose which is my favorite type of session.  Depending on the day my answer will be, “newborns!” or “engagements!” or “families!”  However, I usually find myself laughing the most at cake smash sessions, and this one was no different!.

Little Arthur came in for his One Year portraits and of course, the cake smash!  I was so excited to see him and get started playing with him and capturing some beautiful shots of his enchanting blue eyes.  Arthur had other things in mind and he made me work for it.  He was pretty convinced that the black box in front of the strange lady’s face was something to be concerned about.  He has the most adorable concerned expressions and we still got some amazing pictures of him.

 Then we were able to get his cake out! This one was a little extra special because his mom is an amazing baker and decorates absolutely gorgeous cakes!  You should check her out HERE.  As you can see, his family are big Tennessee Volunteers fans.  I just loved his little Tennessee tie & diaper cover.

 Arthur wasn’t so much into eating or smashing the cake as he was THROWING the cake as far as he could!  It was hilarious and I struggled to keep taking pictures while I was cracking up!

All in all, it was a fantastic day—and I did manage to get those big beautiful blues showcased.

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