Ballerinas + Bisbee = Awesome. {Urban Ballet Photography}

**Please click on the cover photo above for the full image!  It’s beautiful, I promise it’s worth it!**


I’d like to introduce you to Shannon,



And Grace (I love that she is this amazing ballet dancer and her name is Grace!).



These talented girls are students up at Ballet Arts in Tucson.  I asked them if they were up for a fun trip to Bisbee to just wander around and see what sort of places we could find to take some urban ballet pictures.

These girls have such a great sense of style; they came wearing the perfect outfits for our Bisbee outing.


It was super hot the day we were out there, but these girls didn’t complain one bit!  They danced on rocky pathways, small spaces, dirty old buildings… they were up for anything!!  Including climbing up into a window!  **side note:  I was excited to get these shots, but at the same time terrified I would break a dancer and that would be BAD—especially as both of them prepared for their summer intensive workshops!






Combine the old buildings of Bisbee with gorgeous young ballerinas and WOW!!










 After playing for a while in different places, then I was treated to a private performance.  Watching these girls in action was breath taking.



I can’t leave out my faithful assistant… my oldest little boy.  He loved hanging out with the pretty girls and watching them dance!  The entire time he wanted to get in the pictures and I finally let him pose with them (and then he was bashful!).


Thank you Shannon & Grace for sharing your tremendous talent with me!

Dancers are incredible athletes with a discipline to envy.  However, the costs of dancing adds up quickly!  All of these images are available for sale and ALL of the profit will go to the girls to help cover costs of shoes, school, & extra training.  Just contact me and we will work out the details!!

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