Beautiful Dancers & A Camera Disaster {Sierra Vista Dance Ballet Photographer}

When I was little, my mom put me in dance lessons to give me some grace.  I was (and still am) dreadfully clumsy and tripped over my own feet, but I loved it!  I eventually progressed to private lessons and even a few competitions.  Twenty years later, I still have those two little trophies and I just can’t get rid of them.  When we moved to Arizona, we had to let go of most of our extravagant expenses and dance was one of those.  I loved dancing and I’m so glad I had that opportunity to learn a little bit.  And don’t fret about me having to give up dance… I found horses!  But that’s a story for another time.  For now, I’m enjoying reminiscing about my dance days as I look at the beautiful images of the dancers of the Sierra Vista Ballet in the production of The Nutcracker.

A friend asked me if I would attend the dress rehearsal to capture some images of her little girl who was performing in the production this year.  Little Miss T was just beautiful in her costumes and I really enjoyed watching her dance.

While I was preparing to take pictures of T, several other parents asked me if I could capture their dancer.  It was a bit frantic as I was trying to figure out who was who and when they would be on stage.  I admit, I am not familiar with The Nutcracker story, so as I was being told what characters and scenes certain dancers were in I was at a loss.  Instead of figuring out who was who, I just set myself up at the front of the stage and captured images of  as many dancers as I could.

I was snapping away at the front of the stage and was enjoying the production through my lens.  I was taking pictures at a furious pace and then all of a sudden I heard, “click, click, RATTLE.”  I thought, “RATTLE???  That’s not a good noise.”  I noticed that I also couldn’t see anything through the viewfinder.  I immediately thought it was my mirror (all those classes in high school learning every part of the camera and how it works has paid off!).  I fired a few more test shots and still got my “click-rattle” noise.  I sat down and opened up the camera and the mirror tumbled out of the body and into my hands.  I was torn between tears and panic.  My beautiful new-to-me camera that I LOVE had just come apart in my hands!!  The good news is that I have a back up camera; I just didn’t have it with me.  A frantic call to my awesome mom and she dashed out with my back up body.  Unfortunately, I missed a few scenes of the production.  (Side note:  thanks to Tucson Camera Repair, my camera was good-as-new in just a few days!  Whew!)

Once I had my back up camera in hand, I was back at work right away!  Check out these amazing dancers and their moves!!





I have had the gallery up on my website for two months now and the gallery expires on February 28, 2013 at midnight.  From the gallery, you can order prints or digital files of each of the images.  Once the gallery closes, it will be much more difficult to get images selected and ordered.  You can go to the link here: and the password is: Dance

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There are so many talented dancers in this production!  I hope I can capture more productions with the Sierra Vista Ballet in the future.


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