Behind the scenes: Newborn Edition {Sierra Vista, AZ Newborn Photographer}

I love when I get to have a new baby in front of my camera.  There is just something magical about new life and squishy, sweet babies.  I love getting those images of the new baby so serene and peaceful and an adorable pose just looking angelic.  However, making that magic takes a little bit of trickery. Right before Christmas, I was lucky enough to capture images of an adorable newborn named Jack.  His mama was kind enough to grab a few shots me working with Jack.

This is Jack.  Isn’t he absolutely adorable and squishy and sweet?

 I always plan on a newborn session lasting up to three hours.  You might be thinking, “three hours?!  What could possibly take that long with an adorable sleeping baby?”  You’re right, sometimes I don’t need that whole three hours, but usually I do.  Very rarely is the new baby as excited to see me as mommy is.  You see, mommy & I have a plan and it includes simply rocking the baby to sleep and then taking an abundance of pictures.  However, sometimes it takes a few extra steps—like changing a diaper, doing a quick nursing, settling and shushing, and then changing a diaper again, then back to shushing, etc.  All this while I set up any backdrops and open the windows I need, set out the props… and then the tricks.  I turn on the heater so all of us grown ups get to sweat off some calories!  Then I get the white noise machine out.  Then we need the pile of rags & towels to catch any diaper-free issues that may… um, appear. J

Even during the times we need to sooth and settle baby, we can still get amazing images. This one is a favorite of mine.

Because of the warmth needed to keep a naked baby cozy & asleep, I seem to always end up bare foot and my hair is up so that it isn’t touching me at all—this is the not-so-glamorous part of my job.  Baby safety is my first priority so I keep babies on the floor (you can’t fall off the floor!).  Since I’m taller than floor height, this means I get to do some interesting yoga positions to get the right angles.

 I’m pretty good with babies.  I’m lucky that my mom was a childcare provider when I was growing up and I learned so much from her.  I can usually get babies down and settled pretty quickly.  Sometimes, they stay asleep and let me move them and form them and pose them endlessly.  Other times, a baby prefers the awkward position of his or her arm flung over her face and one leg twisted around and sticking out.  While adorable in real life, it’s not exactly the look we are going for.

 In the end, we always end up with absolutely adorable images—even if they aren’t exactly how we may have planned.  New babies are just so wonderful and magical that no matter what happens, we are going to get something amazing you will treasure forever!

Special thanks to Simara for being generally awesome and also grabbing these snapshots of me.

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