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Christmas Tree Lights {Sierra Vista, AZ Family Photographer}

A few years ago when my first child was little, I saw a picture online of a baby under a tree sleeping.  I absolutely LOVED that image and instantly set off to try and make one for myself!  I absolutely loved the images and continue to attempt them every year at Christmas.  As my children get older, they are a getting quite snug under that tree, and they are less cooperative (it was much easier when I rocked them to sleep and laid them there!).  However, I want to keep catching the magic thatView full post »

2015 Cool Season Fashion Guide {Sierra Vista child and family photographer}

With a threat of a freeze upon us tonight, it looks like the cool season has finally found Arizona!!  What better time than to dig through your closets and find great outfits for your next photo session!  Take a look at the latest colors!  Add your favorites to Pinterest, or have fun online shopping while you stay cozy under a blanket with a perfect cup of cocoa.View full post »

Beautifully Blended {Sierra Vista Family Photographer}

I was lucky enough to meet this wonderful family back in February to capture little {M}’s newborn pictures.  I had so much fun with them and was absolutely thrilled when they called for a family session!  All of the kids would be together and we had a brief window to capture some amazing images!  We had to work around the monsoon rains, work schedules, and summer fun.  We only had to reschedule for rain once! We ended up doing a very early morning session to get beautiful light and toView full post »

Big News! {Sierra Vista Engagement Photographer}

I met Amy last year when I was covering the Sierra Vista Ballet’s Nutcracker performance.  Amy is one of the amazing dancers there–she also teaches the little ones!  These are two of my favorite images of her from the Nutcracker. I was so excited to hear from her a few weeks ago with her big news…. She is ENGAGED!!  I met with her and her very awesome fiance, Torrin, at Starbucks to brainstorm some ideas to make a perfect engagement session for them.  We wanted to tryView full post »

Christmas in July? {Sierra Vista Family Photographer}

Happy July everyone!!  I hope everyone had a fantastic Independence Day and you were able to celebrate with those you love! I know with the temps nearing 3-digits and the kids in full swing of summer boredom, it’s hard to think about Christmas time in July.  However, the calendar here is getting full quickly and before you know it, we will be scrambling to gather the family together in fantastic outfits to update pictures and quickly get your holiday greetings created and sent out. Our calendarView full post »

Growing Family {Sonoita, AZ Maternity & Family Photographer}

Years ago, I met this amazing couple at Ft. Hood.  We were all in the same unit and the husbands deployed together.  The next day, a few of us girls got together to divert our sorrows with a trip to IKEA. Nicole was the only one without a baby, but she cheerfully squished in the backseat with a 4 month old and a 12 month old.  Who cried.  The entire time.  I was convinced we had scarred Nicole for life and she would never have babies after being subjected to my cranky kid!  Fortunately, thisView full post »

Sweet Dreams {Sierra Vista Newborn Photographer}

I’d like to introduce you to little Baby {D}.  I had the privilege to meet this sweet & adorable baby girl a few weeks ago.  My amazing colleague & friend, Valerie, joined me to help with baby snuggling and backdrops/props/light (don’t let her fool you, she’s totally in it for the baby snuggling!).  We were able to go to {D}’s  house to spend time with the entire family.  Their beautiful home had the most perfect room with gorgeous light! We got set up andView full post »

There once was a cat named Gomer… {Sierra Vista, AZ Family & Pet Photographer}

There once was a cat named Gomer.  A very handsome cat with the most beautiful soft fur.  His eyes are gorgeous and the color indescribable!   However… Gomer did NOT like me or my camera!  My amazing assistant, Kayla, came with me to help entice Gomer’s attention.  However, he found our antics displeasing.  We tried feathers, lights, and even his favorite treats (chicken).   In spite of that, I was able to catch a few great shots of Gomer & his humans!  All in all,View full post »

Introducing Image Boxes! {Sierra Vista, AZ Newborn, Engagement, & Family Photographer}

I am so excited to share this new product with you!  I’ve played with a few of these in the past, but finally decided they are too good to keep to myself! These 5×7 custom designed image boxes are designed to hold 100 proofs and are a perfect keepsake.  I prefer to keep a few favorite prints in the box, then fill it with other important mementos.  The construction and quality of them is top-notch and I know it is something that will endure generations of love and sharing. Not onlyView full post »