College Friends are the Best Friends {Sierra Vista, AZ couples photographer, on location in Las Cruces!}

I was very lucky to be able to go to an amazing university after I was married.  The Army sent us to Ft. Bliss, TX and we took that opportunity for me to attend New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, NM.  It was extra special because my husband is an Aggie too and now we both hold degrees from NMSU, just obtained several years apart.  :)  The Ag college (when I was there it was the College of Agriculture & Home Economis, now it is The College of Agriculture, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences) was an absolutely magical place to be.  I majored in Animal Science and it was a tough program that not many chose to do.  Because of that, we became a pretty close group.  Even still, I forged the deepest friendship with three other girls and we were always together studying, hanging out, eating, watching American Idol & Gilmore Girls (best Tuesday nights EVER), or laughing in exhaustion!

The last time all four of us were together… at our favorite place: Village Inn

I was the old married lady of the group, and slowly the rest of the girls found their “forever” person.  Being the lover of photography, I was always begging and badgering them to allow me to take pictures of them.

First was Wendy.  She met Chris & I knew these two were a perfect match.  Here is the picture I took on my 35mm film camera.

These two are married now and have an adorable little boy!


Next was Kassidy.  She & Kelley were high school sweethearts from a small town who came to NMSU together.  These two will be getting married soon!

Ashley finishes out our group and has found a wonderful man to complete our team!  Even though we all live in very different places, I was able to sneak back to Las Cruces and capture these two on “film” (or on my CF card… whatever).


We spent some time at the on-campus farm to capture this gorgeous couple.  It was so much fun being back on campus and at the barns—where we spent so many hours of our years together!  The barns were also handy to provide some shelter from the crazy Spring winds that blow through Las Cruces this time of year.




I love seeing my closest gal pals so happy with their forever person.  I also love seeing how much my photography has grown over the years!




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