What does the session fee include? 
The session fee ($85) includes an on-location one-hour custom photo-shoot, the photographer’s time & talent, and an in-person proofing session to review the images.

Can I have my digital images?
Yes! You may purchase digital collections, starting at $275 (+ tax)! Digital images are not included with the session fee.

For more detailed descriptions of packages & pricing just click HERE.

Can I see all of the images from the entire session?
Being that Love Letters Photography is a business subject to representing the photographer’s artistic vision and valuing, not all photos taken at your photo session will be included for viewing or to purchase. Up to 40 of the artistically best photos from your session will be edited in my digital darkroom for you to choose and order from.

What is the difference between a copyright & print release?
As the photographer & artist, I maintain copyright on all of my work. When you purchase digital images, you are not purchasing copyright, but a printing license. This allows you to print your pictures and share electronically. It does not allow you to sell, edit, redistribute, or claim pictures as your own work.

What is the best time of day for a session?
I am a natural light photographer, which means I am dependent on the sun. The sun is a powerful and wonderful light, and it is the best in the first & last hour of the day. For this reason, I do not schedule outdoor sessions in the middle of the day. It’s best to use the first peeks of light early in the day and the last bit of golden glow at the end of the day. The schedule and timing of sessions is dependent on the season and location.

What is a “sneak peek”?
Since it takes approximately two weeks to completely edit your session, I try to give you a little bit of a preview while you wait for me to perfect your images. I will showcase one or two images from your session just so you can see & share with your friends and family while you wait for your entire proofing session. Sneak Peeks are shared on my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/lovelettersphoto

Do you offer mini sessions?
A mini session is considered any session lasting from 20-30 minutes, often times themed. Currently, I do not offer mini sessions.

Do you offer any discounts?
Yes! As a small expression of my appreciation, I offer 10% discount to military, first responders, US Border Patrol/Customs & Border Protection, teachers, and clergy. Proof of service is required at time of ordering.

Do you take payment plans and do you take a credit card?
Yes! I know custom photography is a luxury, but one that creates treasured memories that I wish for everyone to enjoy. For that reason, I offer payment plans. Just contact me and we will work out something to fit your budget and your needs! I accept cash, check, and also credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover, & American Express).

Do you do any other types of sessions besides what you have listed?
Yes, but within certain limitations. I am open to new ideas and different types of sessions! However, if you are looking for a specific style and I feel it is not a type I am able, I will happily help you find a photographer who will fit your specific needs.

Do you have any incentives & can they be combined?
I love to express my gratitude for clients who refer their friends to me! For every referral you send my way, you earn $50 towards product or a future session! These can be combined, so if you’ve sent me several referrals you could potentially earn your session and package completely FREE! Also, if you have been referred by a past client, make sure to get the referral card from them and you will receive a free 8×10 from your session (a $20 value!).

Do you do weddings?
Currently, I specialize in family & children’s photography. Weddings are limited to close friends & family.

How long does it take to get my pictures?
In order to create absolutely magnificent images from your session, it takes approximately two weeks after your session for the proofs to be ready. We will meet together to view your printed proofs and then create your custom order. Once I have received payment for your order, it is approximately two more weeks to receive the products from the lab and have them delivered to you. You should plan to have your prints, canvases, albums, and other products in your possession approximately one month after your session.

How many people can be included in a family session?
I love families and I know they come in all sizes! A family session includes all members of your nuclear family. With the addition of spouses of children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, etc., we would need to upgrade to an extended family session, and there may be additional fees to cover the extra time to shoot & edit such a large group.

Can we take family pictures the same day as our newborn session?
New babies are so exciting and such a wonderful time for any family! However, newborn sessions can be exhausting for the baby and I’ve learned that it’s best to keep new family & new baby pictures separate.

How many licks to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?
After many years of extensive research, you can believe the hype you’ve seen on TV… the answer is three.