Getting to know you… {Sierra Vista Family Photographer}

**Bonus points if the tune from The King and I went through your head when you read the blog title.**

Hi friends! I’ve been a photographer for about 15 years, but just recently decided to share my skills outside of my family. I am thrilled to see where Love Letters Photography is heading, and wanted to share a bit about the lady behind the camera.

Here Are 10 Fun Facts About Me

10) I grew up with photographer parents. We used to have a dark room in our house and there are an abundant number of 8×10 black & white images of me as a baby taken and developed by my parents. I didn’t really pick it up until I took a photography class in high school. I started on a Pentax K1000 (best camera ever), rolled my own film and developed all of my film and prints. I loved it then and – now that I can do it all digitally – I love it even more.

9) Chick Flicks are my favorite. I like my movies predictable and happy.

8) My mom put me in dance classes when I was little to combat my excessive clumsiness. It helped, but gravity still wins many, many times.

7) I love pedicures, but rarely treat myself to them. I mean, you can’t go wrong with soaking your feet in warm water and ending up with pretty toes. Add some coffee and a great girlfriend to visit with… and it’s pretty much perfection.

6) I used to ride horses. I tried different disciplines, but really excelled at representing rodeo and the western way of life… as rodeo queen. I was honored to hold three rodeo queen titles.  I cannot wait to have horses in my backyard again… SOON! One day, I will be a competitive barrel racer.

Running a “hot lap” at the rodeo in Sierra Vista on my favorite horse, Max.
5) I earned my BS in Animal Science. It is similar to a pre-vet program, except I focused on the “agricultural industry” – meaning breeding, feeding and growing animals for food. It was a tough program, but I enjoyed every minute (well, except tests… but I enjoyed all the other minutes!).

4) Shortly after I married, I was lucky enough to visit Northern Italy. It was absolutely incredible! I am still on the hunt for a great Capellaci recipe – a butternut squash-filled ravioli.

At the top of the castle in Marostica, Italy.
3) I hate to do dishes. But I love cooking! My dream is to have a magical kitchen that cleans itself as I whip together culinary masterpieces. You’d buy one of those – right?

2) I lived in Las Vegas, NV for 18 months. No, I didn’t live in a hotel on the strip. There is actually a huge city of people who live there full time! Vegas was not my favorite place to live, but the city is incredibly supportive of the military and veterans. The best part about living in Vegas? Always having visitors (though I don’t know if my husband would agree) and being home to the National Finals Rodeo!

1) I love to laugh and am not afraid to laugh at my own jokes. This one always gets me: “I shoot people with my Canon.” (I use a Canon camera.) I can’t help but giggle… EVERY time!

I look forward to meeting you and getting to know you too!


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