Happy February!! {Sierra Vista Child & Familiy Photographer}

Hello & Happy February everyone!!  I hope everyone is enjoying this absolutely perfect weather we’ve been having.  We’ve been enjoying the sunshine and taking in as much Vitamin D as possible!

February is my behind-the-scenes month.  I take this time to wrap up last year (taxes and renewing licensing and all that exciting business-y stuff), plan some great events and deals for the year ahead, get the office reorganized, and work on some projects that kept getting pushed to “later.”  A few things will specifically be in the works that I’m excited to tell you about!

First, I’m working on updating and creating a beautiful office space for all of you to come and enjoy when viewing your proofs.  This will allow for the proofs to be projected on a large screen, all of the samples and ideas to be right where you can see them, and for any changes to be easily  made and viewed right here!!  My office has already begun changing and right now it’s in the worse-before-it-gets-better state.  I’m hoping that soon I will be able to share some beautiful images of the new client office space–and even better, have all of you over to see it!

Secondly, I’m working on a few specials for this year.  Expect to see mini sessions for professional headshots, some dance specials, and new products in the next several months. Also teaming up with a wonderful lady here who crochets beautiful baby hats, so watch for a casting call for baby models soon too!

Finally, I’m taking some time to slow down and enjoy my family.  We’ve had some serious illnesses strike and I’m taking this time to nurse my kids back to health and spend some time with those who are very important to me.

Keep watching for the blog featuring my beautiful new client space to come soon!

What is a blog without a picture?  Here is a picture of a beautiful heifer on my friend’s ranch last year.  I got to ride a horse AND take pictures at the same time–it was pretty awesome!

Sierra Vista Ranch Photography photographer cow heifer

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