Nutcracker 2013 by the Sierra Vista Ballet {Sierra Vista Dance Photography}

I had the tremendous honor to work with the Sierra Vista Ballet this year for their official performance photos!  I joined the cast for their two nights of dress rehearsals.  I love getting to be part of dress rehearsal!  You get to see all the kinks worked out and hear the laughter of the cast when things go comically wrong.  I had so much fun watching all the young ones all dressed up in their costumes and dancing so beautifully.


The first night of rehearsals, the dancers ran through the first Act twice.  Different dancers played a few of the characters of the story for each performance night.  It was great to see the story and how talented this company is!













The second night of rehearsals was for the second Act—also danced through twice!  The second Act is my favorite.  I love the village scene where so many talented dancers are featured!








I’m excited to share this year’s gallery with you!  This post doesn’t even include a fraction of the finished images.  I encourage you to grab a cup of coffee, get comfy, and go check out the images HERE. (password: Dance)

Congratulations to the entire cast on a job very well done!!

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