Our New Dog! {Life Behind the Lens, Sierra Vista Family Photographer}

We have always been “dog people.”  From very early on in our marriage, I always made sure we had at least one dog.  We started with Candy, she was a whippet-terrier mix (from what we could tell), and she was my family dog before I got married.  I just came back home and stole her away and took her to Ft. Hood with me.  Candy was an amazing dog and a perfect companion.  She had great energy and could keep up with me, but was always up for settling and snuggling. She was a great mama dog and taught any new dogs we brought into our home.  She lived to be 17 or 18, but we had to say goodbye to her early last year.

This is Cory.  We got him in the first year after we were married.  He is a papered AKC Brittany.  He was the runt of the litter, but soon overcompensated by growing 6” taller (and we won’t talk about how much wider) than the standard Brittany. He is a fantastic dog and been a wonderful companion.  He is great with kids and super smart!  He loves going for walks and running through open fields sniffing at everything he can.  When he was younger, he would play fetch for hours, always be up for wrestling, and loved every dog he met.  Cory is getting older and aging faster than I’d like to admit.  We know his time with us is limited and we hope he can defy the odds like Candy did and live into late teen years.

We knew we wanted another dog for our family.  Cory is lonely and we love our animals!  The more the merrier, right?  Now that we are settled here in AZ, we were ready to start looking.  We started at the Sierra Vista Animal Shelter.  That is where we found Maggie.


We know she is a Rottweiler mix, but unsure what the “mix” is.  We are leaning towards German Shepherd.  The vet estimates her age to be between 3-5.  I’m leaning more towards the 3 than the 5.  She is very smart and super sweet.  She has already proven to be very loyal.  She has had some training before and I almost feel like I’m cheating on a test—she has been so easy to integrate into our family!  She’s house broken, already knows “heel,” doesn’t bulldoze past anyone to get through a door, and even more.  She loves the boys (though she likes the toddler better than the preschooler), and she is a pure attention hound.  We need to work on her confidence, and convince her that the car is not a torture device (I discovered her secret ninja gumby powers when trying to take her to the vet for her follow up… what an adventure!).  Overall, she is an amazing dog.  I feel like we’ve hit the jackpot with her!

Cory is old enough now that she’s just not that exciting, but I’m hoping as Maggie gains confidence and they spend more time together, we will find them playing together and maybe it will give Cory a bit more spring in his step!

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