Pirate Girl Painter {Life Behind the Lens–Sierra Vista children’s photographer}

I grew up here in Sierra Vista and made so many wonderful friends along the way.  Being a military town, so many friends moved on to new places.  Some stayed in touch, others we hope the Army will create an opportunity to see each other again.

My closest friend growing up here was Irene.  She is the daughter of a retired Soldier and they were permanent residents!  That allowed us to have a wonderful long-term friendship that is quite rare in our community!  Irene & I have that friendship that can go for months without connecting, but we always pick up right where we left off when we see or talk to each other!


Irene now lives in Maryland and I don’t get to see her nearly as often as I’d like.  She is an amazing artist that constantly blows me away with what she does!  Her business is The Pirate Girl Painter and she is an incredibly talented face painter.  On one of her recent trips back here, she brought her paints and played with my kids (including my niece & nephew).  I sat and watched in fascination as she deftly handled the brushes and the colors to quickly create masterpieces on children’s faces! Take a look at the fantastic work she did here.  And if you are in the Maryland/DC/Virginia area and need a face painter for an event, give her a call!!  I promise you will have a wonderful time!


Super Why (a hero on a PBS show who’s super power is reading!)

Wyatt Story board

Captain America:

Alex story board
A beautiful princess

Hannah storyboard

The baby couldn’t be left out… so we attempted a puppy, but he got impatient and smeared and dashed before she could finish.

Jace storyboard
And a rainbow for little Miss {C}

cristin story board

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