Saying “See you later…” {Sierra Vista Children & Family Photographer}

One of the greatest and hardest things about military life is friendship.  The job requires movement at regular intervals and is always taking members on great adventures (some greater than others) to new places with new people.  It seems you have just enough time to make a great friend and then need to say goodbye. Sadly, one of my amazing friends is departing far too soon.

I met {J} while my husband was deployed and I was staying with family.  We were introduced at church and we bonded quickly over cameras and Army stories.  Shortly after, J went back to Alaska, and we moved on to a new duty station. We were so lucky that J was here when we landed back in Sierra Vista after retirement!

 J is such a gorgeous woman inside and out, and while schedules, kids, and life kept us from getting together enough, it was nice to know she was here and close enough.  J is also a very talented photographer and was the woman behind my family Christmas pictures and my profile picture that you can check out here.


The Army is calling and J and her family are headed across the country.  We won’t be able to plan any more cinnamon roll days, photography swaps, movie afternoons, or birthday dinners at Olive Garden.


I’m just so glad that we were granted the time to be co-located and I’m always hopeful that “Fort We-Got-Ya” will bring them back here.  Luckily for me, we were able to set up some times to get pictures of her gorgeous family and her wonderful boys.  Don’t let these smiles fool you, these boys made me work for it!!

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