What do I wear? {Sierra Vista Children, Family, & Maternity Photographer}

The most common question I get immediately after we have set a date and time for a session is, “What do we wear?”  This is almost always said with a hint of desperation and frustration.  I always tell people, “Wear what makes you feel great!” However, when it’s time for ME to get in front of the camera, I completely shut down and start to moan, “But what should we wear?”

I am here to help!  Here are a collection of color guides to kick start your inspiration.  Beautiful colors help make family images stunning.  Great color adds vibrancy to the image and also to each of the people shown.  Don’t be afraid of color!  Take a peek through these guides and find two or three colors that compliment each other to create the palette you need to go hunting for those perfect outfits (It is highly recommended to start “shopping” in your own closets first–you will be amazed at what you can find!).

DO: Find something you feel GREAT in!  If you feel awkward and uncomfortable, it will convey in the image–no matter how amazing the outfit looks, you will always remember feeling awkward or uncomfortable.
DO: Use your favorite colors!
DO: Use patterns, BUT be careful not to have excessively busy patterns, or to have clashing patterns with others in your image.
DO: Use accessories!  The little details really put that extra polish on an image.
DO: Try on all outfits on all members of the family a few weeks before the shoot (to allow time for shopping or alterations).

DON’T: Stress about your outfits.  You are going to look great!

Here are just a few ideas to get your inspiration going!










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